Embark on a smooth journey towards creating your own Postback as we guide you through every step, offering detailed assistance at each stage.

What The Postback?

When a user successfully completes an offer, we immediately trigger a call to the Postback URL you have provided in your placement. This call contains all the relevant information required to credit your users, serving as a real-time notification to your server.

Postback Macros

Example Postback URL


PHP Example

// Some code

//php code example
$user_id = $_REQUEST['userid'];
$ip_address = $_REQUEST['ip_address'];
$offer_name = $_REQUEST['offer_name'];
$offer_id = $_REQUEST['offer_id'];
$app_name = $_REQUEST['app_name'];
$user_amount = $_REQUEST['user_amount'];
$payout = $_REQUEST['payout'];
$currency_name = $_REQUEST['currency_name'];
$date = $_REQUEST['date'];
//If your postback has a password associated, we pass this password back to you 
$password = $_REQUEST['password'];
$my_password = "your-postback-password-here";

//Database Connection

$host       = "your-host-server";
$dbuser     = "your-database-username";
$dbpassword = "your-database-password";
$dbname     = "your-database-name";
$db = mysqli_connect($host,$dbuser,$dbpassword,$dbname); 

if (isset($user_id) && $password == $my_password) {
  mysqli_query($db,"INSERT INTO
  leads (user_id , offer_name , offer_id , ip_address , app_name , offer_payout , user_amount , currency_name , date) 
  VALUES ('".$user_id."','".$offer_name."','".$offer_id."','".$ip_address."','".$app_name."','".$offer_payout."','".$user_amount."','".$currency_name."','".$date."')"); 

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