🌎Web Offerwall

Incorporating UP WALL offerwall into your website is fast and straightforward. Follow this guide, and it will only take a few minutes.

Provide customized incentives and rewards to your users using UP WALL adaptable Offer Wall. Our offerwall effortlessly adjusts to any screen, showcasing tailored, localized ads depending on the user's device and location.


Get your app api key from the Dashboard, Determine your unique user id and use the following code to integrate

Offerwall Iframe Code

<iframe src="https://upwall.net/offerwall/?app_id={api_key}&userid={user_id}"
top:0px; left:0px;
bottom:0px; right:0px;
width:100%; height:100%;
border:none; margin:0; padding:0;
overflow:hidden; z-index:999999;">

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